H2 Innovate connects founders of fast-growing startups and senior operators from the H2 network to facilitate the sharing of industry expertise and advisory insights. Participants include founders from H2's extended entrepreneur community and experienced leaders from H2's member network across leading innovation hubs globally. Our program community consists of the following groups:


  • Founders: entrepreneurs of fast-growing startups scaling in large global markets from H2's extended community
  • Advisors: experienced operators and domain experts from H2's global member network
  • Partners: leading investors and organizations supporting innovation ecosystems around the world



H2 Innovate is designed around the the following operating elements to support successful participation for both Founders and Advisors:


  • Matching: Founder <> Advisor introductions made based on fit/availability of relevant Advisor(s) to participate in a structured Advisory Session (default: 30-min VC)
  • Advisor Inquiry Stream: global resource for Advisors consisting of active Advisor Inquiries and related company information to support Advisor Matching activities
  • Advisor Participation: flexible, targeted and time-efficient participation model for current/active senior operators to engage with participating Founders of qualified startups

For additional information covering our program participation model, please visit our FAQ page.



Participating partner organizations include leading investors and organizations supporting innovation ecosystems around the world:




Advisor Network

H2's Advisor Network consists of senior operators from our global member community based in major technology hubs around the world. It is comprised of experienced Founder/CEOs and CxOs with strong collective experience at leading startups, category leaders and major global firms across both consumer and enterprise domains. A representative cross-section of experience and profiles in our Advisor Network may be viewed below.


Featured Experience | Featured Advisors




Advisor Inquiry

Connections between Founders and Advisors are facilitated through the completion of an Advisor Inquiry, allowing for the capture of basic inquiry information and its distribution into our Advisor Inquiry Stream for matching purposes. Based on fit/availability of relevant Advisors, introductions will be made 1:1 in support of joint participation in a structured Advisory Session (default: 30-min VC per match).