H2 Insights is a global advisor platform designed to drive the growth of next generation products and services in the digital domain.

Leveraging H2’s global member and partner network, the platform (currently in beta) offers support for startups to accelerate growth and commercialization efforts across top technology markets globally. The H2 Insights platform community consists of the following core groups:

  • Startups: leading early to growth stage companies in top global entrepreneurial hubs.
  • Advisors: industry leaders and domain experts from H2's global member network.
  • Partners: top investors, multinational corporates, and growth services firms from H2's partner network.  


Our advisor platform features the following unique components for participating Startups: 

  • Qualified Advisor Network: top execs and entrepreneurs from H2’s 300+ strong member network, residing in major tech markets and startups hubs across the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.
  • Targeted & Flexible Engagements: ability to engage one or multiple across target advisory areas, on a structured and flexible duration basis based on company needs.
  • Compensation Model: highly-leveraged and performance-based model, with single-point administration through H2; default guidelines on comp by company stage to be provided.

Participating Advisors are H2 Members residing in its Global Chapters, situated across the US (Silicon Valley and New York), UK (London), Germany (Berlin), Israel (Tel Aviv), Brazil (Sao Paulo), India, China (Beijing), Japan (Tokyo), and Singapore regions. Startups participating on our Advisor Platform are able to create and manage a custom "needs profile" listing out priority areas for input and guidance, to facilitate the strongest matches with the right advisors.


Our advisor platform features the following unique components for participating Advisors: 

  • Qualified Startup Pool: leading early to growth-stage startups globally referred in through H2’s partner network of top early to growth stage funds.
  • Targeted & Flexible Engagements: ability to engage multiple startups across target advisory areas on a structured and flexible basis, based on Advisor areas of expertise.
  • Compensation Model: comp model based on accumulated advisory credit and pooled equity fund at a program-wide level, providing exposure to exits of all participating Startups.


Our Startup:Advisor engagement model incorporates a combination of advisory engagements, sounding board sessions, and company briefings to drive successful outcomes: 

  • Advisory Engagements: matched engagements against specific areas with advisors who commit to being available on agreed-upon terms over a specific period of time (default 6 months).
  • Sounding Board Sessions: designed as single sessions to gain input (either broad-based or specific) on relevant company priorities or challenges.
  • Company Briefings: initial kickoff call with H2 Insights team to capture company's history, current activities, and objectives, followed by quarterly check-ins to support engagement and track needs. 

Growth-related advisory areas currently supported by our Advisor Platform include the following: 

  • Product Strategy
  • User Growth & Engagement
  • Monetization & Revenue Growth
  • Platforms & Channel Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Hiring & Team Development
  • Fundraising
  • International Markets 

Please visit our FAQ page for more information detailsing our Advisor Platform offering.


H2 Insights utilizes the concept of Global Tracks consisting of target sectors around which to develop program services, resources, and partnerships. Currently supported Global Tracks include:


Business Services



Financial Services

Health & Fitness

Media & Entertainment




Organizations participating in the H2 Insights partner program include top investors, multinational corporates, and growth services firms from H2's global partner community. Insights partners may have extended access to specialized partner offerings and work with us on specific initiatives in support of program objectives.


We are currently engaged with initial startups and partner organizations for the beta phase of our program launch. To learn more about Insights and related participation and partnership opportunities, please contact the H2 Insights team.