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Please complete the form below to be considered for membership in one of H2’s global Chapters.

For target profile qualifications, please refer to our global Member Model that includes information on our Member Profile, Benefits, and Code. Note that membership in H2 is on a referral and Chapter approval basis only, and strong industry operating experience at senior management and/or entrepreneur level(s) is required for consideration (Founder/CEO, CxO, VP and global equivalents minimum).

The information submitted below will be jointly evaluated by our Global and Chapter level teams in an effort to ensure consistency of membership criteria globally. As appropriate, referring members will be contacted by a relevant Chapter Lead or Core Team member to gather more information in advance of any potential more formal assessment, most likely consisting of an in-person 1:1 session. Our expected time to closure on new inquiries for membership is 45 days from the date of referral.

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