H2's member platform offers engagement opportunities throughout the year at the local, regional and global levels with a valuable range of benefits across career stages and needs: 


  • Community: grow and access trusted relationships with diverse set of leaders and ecosystem organizations locally and globally
  • Learning: engage in idea exchange with fellow leaders globally to develop insights in support of company and career success
  • Support: foster growth of emerging innovators across leading industry hubs via mentoring, advising and investing opportunities
  • Tools: utilize online community tools and resources to connect with other members and submit requests for support/introductions
  • Partners: access exclusive participation and platform offerings from partner organizations for members and member companies

An overview of our current platform initiatives may be found below and participation opportunities included with H2 membership may be found here.


H2 Communities

H2 membership offers participation in and connectivity to the following local and global communities


  • Chapters: local member communities situated in major innovation centers across the globe; participation based on geography
  • Networks: global member communities oriented by industry sectors; participation based on operating profile and advisory focus areas


H2 Connect

Our Connect global advisor platform brings together founders and leaders within the extended H2 community to facilitate the sharing of industry expertise and advisory insights. Participants include the following communities:


  • Founders: innovators with early to growth stage companies targeting large global markets
  • Advisors: experienced leaders and domain experts from H2's global member network
  • Partners: leading investors and organizations supporting innovation ecosystems around the world


H2 Forums

Our Forums convene leaders within the H2 community both locally and regionally for trusted discussions and idea exchange around leading scaleups and leadership themes:


  • Chapter Forums: in person sessions designed around leading scaleups, held quarterly; H2 members may participate in Forums in both their home Chapter and outside Chapters
  • Regional Forums: digital sessions offering learning and connectivity opportunities by region, held quarterly


H2 Global Summit

Our annual Global Summit brings together entrepreneurs, executives and investors from leading companies, organizations and centers in the technology ecosystem around the world. Designed as a senior level, invitation only event, the Summit offers participants a unique platform to engage in dynamic and open discussions covering technology trends and leadership insights from the global frontlines of innovation.


H2 Online Community Tools

H2 members have access to a range of online community tools that facilitate requests for support and connectivity to fellow H2 members locally and globally:


  • H2 Network (mobile app): official mobile app of the H2 network; available in iOS and Android
  • H2 WhatsApp Community: dedicated Community to support connectivity and connections across H2's global member network
  • H2 Global Talent Board: community board to view/post information covering talent openings and available talent seeking opportunities
  • H2 Website (h2.co): access to our updated H2 Member Search as well as personal H2 member profiles for updates

H2 members may visit our new global resource center, H2 OneStop, covering our complete set of online community tools, relevant links/forms and information designed to support the H2 member experience. Additionally, our H2 OneStop Requests channel aims to offer personalized, higher touch support to H2 members for connections to individuals, companies and/or market information on a global basis.