H2 is the premier leadership network for the technology industry, connecting a trusted global community of leaders to support startup ecosystems around the world. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Silicon Valley with chapters globally in major technology markets worldwide, its mission is to advance education and leadership development in the fields of digital entrepreneurship and innovation.


Thanks for your interest in learning more about membership with H2. Please see below for an overview of our Membership Model and opportunities to join one of our Global Chapters.



H2's membership consists of senior executives, entrepreneurs, and domain experts from leading startups and top global firms in major technology markets worldwide. Qualifying criteria for membership consideration is as follows:


  • Founder/CEO: of top private startup with at least significant Series A investment - or -
  • Regional MD: of leading global growth-stage MNC with PnL responsibility - or -
  • CxO/VP: of major corporate with significant exec leadership experience in a business, product or innovation function - and -
  • Experience: 8+ years (min) operating experience including 5+ years in leadership roles with increasing responsibility 

In support of engagement with the next generation of global leaders in the technology industry, our Young Global Innovators initiative is designed for rising entrepreneurs and offers a range of extended benefits for leadership development opportunities through membership with H2. For more information, visit our Young Global Innovators page at h2.co/young-global-innovators.



H2 offers its member community a range of valuable benefits across career stages and needs as follows:


  • Learning: develop insights around industry leadership and company growth themes through open idea exchange
  • Network: access trusted relationships with diverse set of industry leaders, domain experts and investors on a global basis
  • Support: foster growth of emerging innovators and companies via mentoring, advising and investing opportunities
  • Platform: utilize online resources and community tools to tap relevant connections within global member community
  • Partners: connect with partner organizations for relevant company services, product offerings and/or introductions



Expectations for new and renewing H2 members in active standing with one of our global Chapters include the following:


  • Member Profile: professional profile as an active senior operator (Founder/CEO, Regional MD or CxO/VP and equivalent) in technology industry based in that Chapter
  • Participation: engagement in H2 programs and maintaining a current registered H2 member profile; participation in at least 2 Forums per year
  • Community: timely responses to member introductions or inbound requests made by members within the global H2 community, including support where possible
  • Nominations: contribution of qualifying member nominations across any H2 Chapters; nomination of at least 2 profiles per year

Membership in H2 is subject to a review and renewal process at the end of every calendar year based on member engagement and/or member circumstances that may change from time to time. Membership renewals and transitions to alumni status will be issued and communicated by Global with support from Chapter Chairs on the basis of (but not limited to) member expectations as outlined above. In addition, changes in member circumstances (e.g. change in geography or professional profile) or code of conduct violations may trigger a change in or loss of membership status at any time.



H2’s global programs consist of industry initiatives focused on driving industry connections, learning, and support:


  • Global Summit: annual senior-level event covering leading tech trends and industry insights from Silicon Valley and across the globe
  • Chapter Forums: trusted discussions around innovative companies/sectors and industry leadership themes in a small group format setting
  • Innovate: connects founders and senior operators to facilitate the sharing of industry expertise and advisory insights


Membership Opportunities

Qualifying individuals interested in membership opportunities with one of our Chapters may submit a Member Inquiry for consideration. Current members may submit a Member Nomination for qualifying candidates. Membership in H2 is on an invitation-only basis.


Profile information submitted will be jointly evaluated by our Global and Chapter-level teams to identify leading candidates, factoring in growth and diversity objectives, ahead of further engagement with prospects including a short 1:1 session with one of our Chapter Chairs or our Global team.


Current H2 Chapters: Berlin, China, India, London, New York, Sao Paulo, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Tel Aviv and Tokyo