H2 invites interested entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations to inquire regarding opportunities to participate in and support our programs. Membership and engagement opportunities exist at both an individual level (for entrepreneurs and execs) and an organization level (for startups and organizations).    


H2 offers senior executives and entrepreneurs from leading companies a range of valuable benefits across career stages and needs as follows:   


  • Connections: build trusted relationships with peers and leading industry organizations on global basis
  • Learning: engage in idea exchange to drive insights around industry trends and company growth themes
  • Support: develop next generation of startup leaders and innovation hubs around the world

Qualifying Profile

  • Founder/CEO or COO: of top private startup with at least a significant Series A investment from a top VC firm - or -  
  • CxO/VP: leading core product or business function of leading digital media growth company - or - 
  • Regional MD: of leading digital media multinational (MNC) company with P-n-L responsibility - and -
  • Experience: 8+ years (min) operating experience including 5+ years in leadership roles with increasing responsibility 

To Join: Interested candidates who fit our qualifying profile are invited to complete our Global Member Inquiry Form for membership consideration.

Note: Existing H2 Members who wish to refer in candidates members should complete our Global Member Referral Form



H2 offers opportunities for company-level engagement that provide access to H2 Network programs and resources as follows: 

  • Startups: participation in our H2 Innovate startup program for companies scaling in major global markets.
  • Investors: for leading investors globally, partner level engagement in our Investor Network program.
  • Corporates: for leading multinational corporations, partner level engagement at the local and global levels.

To Join: Startups interested in engagement opportunities with H2 should view our H2 Innovate page for more information on participation opportunities. Investors and Corporates interested in partner-level participation opportunities through our partner program should write us at info@h2.co