Benefits | Membership

Membership in H2 offers a range of valuable benefits across career stages and needs as follows:


  • Learning: engage in idea exchange with fellow leaders globally to develop insights in support of company and career success
  • Support: foster growth of emerging innovators across leading industry hubs via mentoring, advising and investing opportunities
  • Community: grow and access trusted relationships with diverse set of leaders and ecosystem organizations locally and globally
  • Platform: utilize online community tools and resources to connect and engage with other members across the network
  • Partners: access exclusive participation and platform offerings from partner organizations for members and member companies

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​"When I joined H2, I never could have anticipated just how much I would come to value the community. Beyond all the global connections made, what I've valued most is the trusted sharing of lessons and experiences between fellow entrepreneurs and operators pushing boundaries and solving the most interesting problems in technology."


Valerie Wagoner
H2 Singapore Member