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The terms below (the “H2 Connect Platform Agreement”) set forth and confirm the understanding under which any Founder (of a Startup) or Advisor may participate on the H2 Connect platform offered be H2 Global Inc (“H2”). All participating Founders and Advisors agree to the following terms as part of platform registration and participation:




  • Founder: for all Advisory Sessions, Founder agrees to work with relevant Advisors on target focus areas as per information listed in the Founder’s Startup Needs Profile.
  • Advisor: for all Advisory Sessions, Advisor agrees to work with relevant Founders on target focus areas as per information listed in the Founder’s Startup Needs Profile, offering guidance at the highest degree of professional skill and expertise possible.
  • H2: will serve as the platform provider and common resource to both Founder and Advisor. From time to time, the H2 Connect Platform Team may hold a Briefing Call with any Founder or Advisor to obtain feedback and/or inputs to guide platform improvements.


Advisory Model


The following information covers the advisory model that guides interactions between Founders and Advisors, starting with an Initial Advisory Session and potentially leading into formal advisory engagements based on mutual interest/fit from both parties.


  • Initial Advisory Session: upon acceptance by either the Advisor or Founder of an inbound Advisor Inquiry, the first session shall be called the “Initial Advisory Session” (default: 50 min VC) which is a “working call” where the Advisor is expected to offer helpful inputs.
  • Formal Advisory Engagements: subsequent to any Initial Advisory Session and at most one additional follow up Advisory Session, extended engagement with any Advisor should take place under a formalized advisory relationship including appropriate Advisor compensation. As not all Advisors are or can be open to entering into formal advisory relationships, it is the Founder’s responsibility to clarify the Advisor’s position as appropriate.
  • Advisory Engagement Templates: to guide the creation and implementation of formalized advisory relationships between Founders and Advisors, H2 offers Advisory Engagement Templates (see below) that outline level of support, equity guidelines, etc.


Advisory Engagement Templates


In cases where the Founder and Advisor have positive initial interactions and wish to enter an extended engagement under a formalized advisory relationship, the following working templates outline the scope of Advisor support and accompanying compensation at increasing levels (L1 = light, L2 = standard, L3 = heavy). These Advisory Engagement Templates contemplate a "Primary Term" engagement period of 6 months beyond which Advisors may remain on standby for targeted support via email. These templates may also serve as a starting point for customization of engagement parameters on a case by case basis.


Advisor Support by Level (Primary Term: 6 Months)


  • L1 (light): 6 hours @ 3 hours per quarter
  • L2 (standard): 12 hours @ 6 hours per quarter
  • L3 (heavy): 18 hours @ 9 hours per quarter


Advisor Compensation by Level (Basis Points)


  • L1 (light): Seed Stage valued at <$10M: 10 basis points; Series A/B Stage valued at $10-50M: 5 basis points
  • L1 (standard): Seed Stage valued at <$10M: 20 basis points; Series A/B Stage valued at $10-50M: 10 basis points
  • L1 (heavy): Seed Stage valued at <$10M: 30 basis points; Series A/B Stage valued at $10-50M: 15 basis points


Confidentiality & IP Assignment


  • Confidentiality: all information, written or oral, relating to the Startup, its business or condition (actual or planned), disclosed to Advisor by the Founder, or which otherwise becomes known to the Advisor under an obligation of confidentiality shall be maintained by the Advisor in absolute confidence. Advisor shall not disclose or use such information, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, except for the benefit of the Founder. This obligation shall survive indefinitely.
  • Intellectual Property (IP): any and all work products, patent applications, techniques, charts, plans, statements, assessments, analyses, opinions, know-how, inventions, records, trademarks, copyrights, and any other intellectual property rights under law, or ideas made, received or invented by or originating with the Advisor in connection with, or resulting from his/her service as an Advisor to Founder and in the field of operation of the Startup, (collectively, the “Inventions”), shall be solely owned by the Founder and Advisor irrevocably transfers and assigns to the Founder all worldwide patents, patent applications, copyrights, mark works, trade secrets, moral rights and other intellectual property rights in all the Inventions.


Term & Termination


Subject to this section, this Platform Agreement will remain in full force and effect while any Founder or Advisor participates in the H2 Connect Platform. We may (a) suspend your rights to use the H2 Connect Platform or (b) terminate this Agreement, at any time for any reason at our sole discretion, including for any use of the H2 Connect Platform in violation of this Agreement. Upon termination of this Agreement, your right to access and use the H2 Connect Platform will terminate immediately. H2 will not have any obligation or liability whatsoever to you for any termination of this Agreement, including for termination of your use of the H2 Connect Platform. If you wish to terminate your use of the H2 Connect Platform, you may do so by notifying us at any time. Even after this Agreement is terminated, the provisions of this Agreement relating to Confidentiality & Intellectual Property Assignment and Limitation on Liability will remain in full force and effect.


Conflict of Interest


Participating Advisors agree to only engage with Founders of Startups that are not significantly direct competitors of any other companies with whom they have relationships. Furthermore, participating Advisors agree to not violate any duties to any other person or entity (e.g. present or former employer) in their engagement with Founders. Where appropriate, Advisors and Founders may discuss any considerations or potential considerations around possible conflict of interest to ensure mutual comfort to engage in advisory activities.