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Our H2 Forum Guidelines outline the implementation of our Chapter Forums (in person sessions) including collaboration points between Session Hosts, Chapter Directors and Global to support the successful planning and execution of these sessions.


Session Host

Chapter Forums are organized by Session Hosts (H2 members) on a rotating basis with operational support from Global and Chapter Directors who maintain candidate lists for Speakers, Venues and Partners. Core session planning activities are oriented around the selection of the following:


  • Speakers: invited Founder/CEOs of scaleup companies; 2 Speaker Segments per Forum (default)
  • Venue: appropriate office space affiliated with the Session Host's company or other suitable space contributed by H2 members/partners
  • Partner(s): local, regional or global industry organizations including investors, corporates or ecosystem organization

Forums may include collaborations from Partner organizations on a per Forum basis. These include selection of Founders (for investors), Guest invites and/or venue.


Agenda & Segments

Hosted quarterly in each H2 Chapter, the default agenda and segments for Chapter Forums (approximately 2 hours in length) are as follows:


  • Reception - 30 min
  • Welcome - 10 min; kickoff and participant intros
  • Discussion - 60 min; 2 speaker segments per Forum (default)
  • Community - 30 min round robin
  • Close & Networking 

The Discussion segment includes participation from invited Speakers (Founder/CEOs of scaleups) covering company journey highlights, key learnings and a selected challenge/opportunity for group input. The Community segment includes a round robin covering updates/needs/leads across Forum participants. Chapter Forums are supported by Session Hosts (H2 members) and are by default held in H2 member/partner offices that offer appropriate space on a rotating basis.


Activity Timeline

Our planning cycle for Forums generally kicks off 6 weeks prior to upcoming Forum dates as published in our Forum Calendar. Core activities and collaboration points between Global, Session Hosts and Chapter Directors are as follows:


  • T - 6w: Planning Kickoff - planning call to discuss candidate Speakers, Venues and Partners, initial outreach to finalize - G, SH, and CD
  • T - 4w: Formal Invites - package/send Formal invites (email, calendar), start RSVP tracking doc - G w/ SH
  • T - 2w: Session Doc - doc to guide Discussion created/distributed to Speakers (Global to provide template) - SH w/ G
  • T - 1w: Reminder - reminder communications on WhatsApp channel (Global to provide content) - SH w/ G 

Forums are hosted on either a self pay or Chapter supported basis. For self pay events, H2 payment links are generally distributed 3-5 days prior to Forums to support payment collections unless other arrangements have been made.