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  • Global Summit

    H2’s annual Global Summit held in Silicon Valley brings together executives, entrepreneurs and investors from leading digital companies and industry organizations in innovation hubs around the world. Designed as a senior level, invitation only event, the Summit offers participants a unique platform to engage in dynamic and open discussions covering leading technology trends and industry insights from Silicon Valley and across the globe.

  • Chapter Forums

    H2 Chapter Forums bring together senior industry leaders from the H2 network for trusted discussions around innovative companies/sectors and growth oriented themes in a small group format setting. Held throughout the year in every H2 Chapter, these unique sessions facilitate valuable industry connections, learning, and support opportunities across H2's global network. H2 Chapter Forums follow the Chatham House Rule.

  • Innovate

    H2 Innovate connects emerging startups with advice, capital and connections across the H2 network. Participating companies are based in major entrepreneurial hubs around the world with strong potential to build regional or global scale businesses. The program is supported by advisors who are domain experts from our global member community and partners from our global partner network.